Internships and Job Shadowing

  • This Big Future article explains what an internship is, and why starting an internship in high school is valuable. There are also stories of real high school students and how an internship helped them prepare for their future.
  • This resource from The Society for Human Resource Management discusses how high school internships benefit students and employers.
  • Youth Rules offers many resources for youth employees. There are specific labor laws that apply to employees under the age of 18. Whether you are job shadowing or in an internship, these laws are important to know for your own safety, especially in a hands-on position.
  • The STEM Net offers a listing of all STEM internships for high school students. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This is a Maryland based organization, but many of the positions listed are nationally based.
  • WakeMed Health & Hospitals offers multiple learning opportunities for both high school and college students in North Carolina.
  • Blogpost Prep Scholar with everything you need to know about job shadowing, a complete guide!
  • Education Week discussing how job shadowing in high school can help students figure out their career pathway.
  • Live Career checklist for high school students to prepare for a job shadowing experience.
  • Information from CFNC on how to arrange a job shadow or informational interview.