Civic Conversations

Civic Conversations

A ReCONNECT NC Series Initiative

North Carolinians are feeling more disconnected than ever and they want to do something about it. We’re inviting people from different backgrounds and perspectives to spend time together in real and rich conversation in which all listen first to understand. Such conversations across difference are all too rare amidst the rising rancor and deepening division plaguing society. But we seek to make them the norm in North Carolina. The conversations may be casual, one-on-one or in groups; we ask that you talk about a topic that is concerning you or your community. The goal is to reconnect in good faith with fellow North Carolinians, learn from each other, build relationships, and identify opportunities to bridge divides in our state.
Together, let’s ReCONNECT NC one conversation at a time!

#ListenFirst to #ReconnectNC

Civic Conversation Principles

• Listen first to understand

• Be curious and open to learning

• Suspend judgement and extend grace

• Maximize diversity of perspectives

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If you’re already having civic conversations in your community, let us know! Share on social media using the hashtags #ListenFirst and #ReconnectNC.

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North Carolina is leading the nation!

The ReCONNECT NC Civic Conversations initiative is part of the national #ListenFirst movement to mend the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides with conversation. The #ListenFirst movement, which has reached millions of people coast to coast and been featured on national television, was founded in our state. As part of ReCONNECT NC Civic Conversations, you can make North Carolina the model for the nation to follow! 

Featured Guides for Your Civic Conversation

We hope you’ll talk about a topic that is concerning you or your community. We’ve featured several conversation guides below, which you’re welcome to use if you like.
You might also explore 80+ other topical guides created by our partners at Living Room Conversations.

Reconnect NC
Free Speech, Hate Speech and Campus Life
Guns and Responsibility
Relationships First
Righteousness and Relationships
The Opportunity Gap
Tribalism 101

Conversations Through Art

On July 12, the Institute for Emerging Issues partnered with Empathy Through Art, the Dementia Alliance of North Carolina, and Dementia Capable Cary to host Conversations Through Art.  This event, designed by Empathy Through Art, used multimedia works of art as well as recorded musical and spoken word performances to help attendees better understand the challenges that caregivers face when taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Read the summary of the conversation, plus recommendations that came out of the conversation.

Our Partners:

Listen First Project

National Conversation Project

Living Room Conversation

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