Connecting in Crisis: Digital Inclusion Information Exchange

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COVID-19 is exposing the digital divide in North Carolina, and its consequences for all of us. At a time when we need to be more connected than ever, students and adults who can’t connect, don’t have a computer or laptop or don’t know how to use them, work at an impossible disadvantage.

Digital Inclusion – creating opportunities for people to access affordable internet, computers, and laptops, and digital literacy – is more important than ever.

As an extension of our work on the ReCONNECT to Technological Opportunity Emerging Issues Forum and in response to COVID-19, IEI is creating a digital inclusion resource hub. This resource hub will provide the latest digital inclusion news and will highlight community solutions and promising practices from across the state and beyond. You will also find policy, and community responses to the digital divide in the wake of COVID-19. 

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Community Solutions

Highlighting community solutions and promising practices from across the state and beyond.

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Digital Inclusion Resources

We have compiled a list of key resources to help communities, businesses, organizations, and individuals access important information during this time. Resources include maps of where to find free or low-cost internet service, toolkits to create a digital inclusion project or coalition, organizations providing free or low-cost devices, etc., as well as new research.


Federal and State Policy News


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What’s it going to take to increase the percentage of people in each NC county – children and adults – who are able to use broadband to work, learn and play? Check out BAND-NC.