Project Resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a global, economic collapse with far-reaching consequences, and it will have health, financial and social ripple effects for years to come. 

Project Resilience is a five-year initiative that will: 

  • Explore public policy in response to the pandemic; 
  • Analyze economic impacts of policy efforts; 
  • Identify characteristics of household and community resilience; and, 
  • Promote education around principles of resilience and economic preparedness.  

The project will consist of four phases—the first two phases will focus on pandemic response and recovery. Through research, policy analysis, and (virtual) community engagement, IEI will identify key indicators of financial health, and assess whether they were enhanced or impaired by policy interventions. We will also determine what an equitable recovery could look like— especially for those most vulnerable to economic distress. 

The next two phases will address resilience and preparedness. Households and communities have endured significant financial trauma as a result of the pandemic. We will identify which measures stabilize economic situations and align pathways toward accessible opportunities. We will also develop a resilience strategy that outlines best practices to insulate people from—and help communities prepare for—future economic downturns.


This project has been made possible through the generous support of Local Government Federal Credit Union.