Funding College

  • The College Foundation of North Carolina has a wealth of resources that can both help you “plan, apply and pay for college” and help you plan for a career after high school.
  • The Federal Student Aid website has information about the benefits of going to college or a career school, checklists for getting ready both financially and academically, tips on budgeting during and after college, and the different types of financial aid.
  • The College Board covers a multitude of resources for high school students, from PSAT and SAT prep, to AP practice exams, college search and planning guides. It also shows you how to develop a financial aid profile to apply for aid from nonfederal financial aid programs.
  • UNIGO is one of the most popular college search, college match, scholarship match, and student loan information websites for college-bound high school students. It’s easy to navigate and provides resources for more than 650 universities across the nation.
  • Quest Bridge is a national nonprofit that connects the nations most exceptional, low-income youth with leading colleges and opportunities. They offer a resource center to help plan, apply and pay for college, a “college match” platform, and advice on how to be a competitive applicant.
  • Good Call provides a wealth of resources on how to make good life decisions, covering topics ranging from how to build good credit and balancing personal finances, to finding a job after college, how to make a career change, and how to pay for college.
  • provides resources to help college bound individuals search for the university that is right for them and provides a database of scholarships to help fund your education.