Finding the Right College

  • The College Foundation of North Carolina has a wealth of resources that can help you “plan, apply and pay for college” and help you plan for a career after high school.
  • ACT’s website not only provides information about the ACT testing process, it also includes career readiness information. Make sure you check out the World-of-Work Map that shows “how occupations relate to each other based on work tasks.”
  • The College Board covers a multitude of resources for high school students, from PSAT and SAT prep, to AP practice exams, college search and planning guides, and how to develop a financial aid profile to help apply for aid from nonfederal financial aid programs.
  • UNIGO is one of the most popular college search, college match, scholarship match, and student loan information websites for college-bound high school students. It’s easy to navigate and provides resources for more than 650 universities across the nation.
  • is a website full of resources to explore careers, colleges, and much more. They have interest assessments as well as career and college planning timelines for middle school, high school, college students, and adults and career changers.
  • I’m First! is a support community for first generation college students providing support and information on the road to college and throughout it. You can read and listen to other first generation student’s stories as well. A list of colleges is provided that are “I’m First!” partners, meaning that they place a lot of value on admitting and supporting first generation students. As an initiative of Strive for College, you can get free college counseling and mentoring online through UStrive.
  • First in the Family provides advice and stories from first generation college students aimed at high school students. The website also has helpful links for other resources and planning checklists, as well as downloads for parents and advisors.