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Higher Education Institutions

Our Vision

North Carolina has one of the strongest public, private, and community college systems; North Carolina is also home to the second largest number of HBCUs in the country. Service Year NC is committed to leveraging these higher education institutions and their assets, particularly around integrating and encouraging service year participation among current and future college students.


Ways to Engage

Student Career Services


Promote Service to Prospective Students

  1. Formalize Deferrals for Service Year Participants
  2. Give Preference in Admissions Process
  3. Recognize Service Experience Through Financial Aid

Support Enrolled Students in Completing a Service Year

  1. Host a Service Year Program
  2. Connect Service Experience to Academic Credit
  3. Award Academic Credit for Prior Learning Connected to a Service Year
  4. Encourage Service Year Participation Through Career Services

Create Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

  1. Become an Employer of National Service
  2. Conduct Research on the Value of a Service Year
  3. Support Local Corps Members Through Training

Our Progress

The Service Year NC team is collecting information on the UNC system schools regarding service year opportunities. We’re tracking which institutions allow for an admissions deferral for first-year students who enroll in a service year. We also pull data for Segal Education award payments to these institutions.

College Name Deferral Allowed Education Award Dollars1
Appalachian State University Yes $935,107.43
Elizabeth City State University   $96,576.75
East Carolina University   $1,956,292.99
Fayetteville State University   $171,285.24
North Carolina A&T University   $591,765.27
North Carolina Central University Yes $451,502.58
North Carolina State University Yes $1,608,439.57
University of North Carolina at Asheville Yes $386,710.53
University of North Carolina at Charlotte No $1,211,094.23
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Yes  $5,722,644.32
University of North Carolina at Greensboro   $1,447,533.51
University of North Carolina at Pembroke   $217,805.81
University of North Carolina School of the Arts    $8,268.75
University of North Carolina at Wilmington    $436,729.69
Western Carolina University   $518,991.41
Winston-Salem State University   $86,757.92


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1 Corporation for National and Community Service