Reconnect to Technological Opportunity

If we had unlimited access to high speed Internet, what opportunities would that connection provide for our communities? How can we start planning now to make sure that all North Carolinians benefit?

At the ReCONNECT to Technological Opportunity Forum, participants explored what their communities can do to leverage high speed Internet in an equitable way. We started the day by entering a “time machine” to the future, to a time when everyone has access to broadband. We heard how both rural and urban communities are using broadband for economic growth.

McKimmon Conference and Training Center

Located on NC State University’s campus, the University, state government, non-profit and business organizations choose the McKimmon Conference and Training Center for large statewide, regional and national meetings or small training sessions. Regardless of the need, the McKimmon Conference and Training Center is designed to enhance the adult learning experience.