First in Future: Senior Policy Specialist Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA Scott Marlow

Summary: Hurricane Florence really couldn’t have come at a worse time or in a worse way for farmers in southeastern North Carolina. Many farmers were still recovering from the impacts of Hurricane Matthew two years ago. And because Florence came earlier than Matthew, there were more crops still in the field. This week’s First in Future guest, Scott Marlow with the Rural Advancement Foundation International, or RAFI, has seen how this plays out before. His job is to help farmers figure out what to do next. There are plenty of folks available to help – Farm Services, Cooperative Extension, FEMA and others. RAFI looks for gaps and tries to fill them. Listen to what Scott has to say about the stages of recovery for a farmer after a disaster and looking forward. If you are a farmer looking for advice and support RAFI’s Farm Survival Hotline is 866-586-6746, or you can go to

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