First in Future: Mayor of Canton, NC Zeb Smathers – Western NC Week

Summary: In honor of our upcoming forum on civic engagement, ReCONNECT to Community, being held Sept. 17 in beautiful, scenic Asheville, we’re doing something special. This week, we have FIVE new First in Future podcasts lined up, all featuring a different western North Carolina leaders. We are almost through the week with today’s guest Zeb Smathers, Mayor of Canton, NC. Listen for the importance of towns building off of what they have, not running from it. The flip he made from “Canton Can’t” to “Canton Can”! How small towns can’t afford to get ugly with each other, but have to solve problems. One line that will stick out is : “the divides between us are only as deep as we dig them. It’s time to start putting dirt back into them and get to work.”

Listen to the podcast: