First in Future: Executive Director of the Public School Forum of North Carolina Keith Poston

Summary: What do you think about public schools? Do teachers get paid enough? Are there too many administrators? Do we test students too much? Not enough? Should we keep students closer to home?
The past 32 years the Public School Forum has been trying to answer those questions. Our First in Future guest, the Executive Director of the Public School Forum of North Carolina, Keith Poston has been leading the organization for the past 4.5 years. Imagine it is your job to have a take on 20 contentious issues, and knowing someone disagrees with you about every opinion.
The truth is we all have opinions on some of these questions. North Carolina invests 55% of its total budget on education, and 70% of the education funding is spent on K-12 education. But is that enough? Are we spending it in the right ways?

This installment of First in Future is part of a special TV series produced in collaboration with UNC-TV, and is recorded in UNC-TV’s Studios. Taped segments will air on the North Carolina Channel. Visit for specific air dates.

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