First in Future: Former Governor James B. Hunt (Part1)

Summary:  Through out his long service to the state, even former North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt’s opponents admit that he was a man perfectly suited to be Governor, and in his sixteen years as governor of North Carolina, he changed the state. This week we sat down with Governor James B. Hunt and talked about one big idea he had – starting the Emerging Issues Forum. Why he did it. What we can learn from how he thought about it. And how we can apply that to the way we learn.

Excerpts: “Growing up I always heard us compared in the south, we want to be the one of the best in the south, to heck with that, I wanted North Carolina to the best in the country.”

On the topic of Carl Sagan and the idea for SmartStart: “In one of his books I discovered something I didn’t expect…and he talked about what happens in the most formative stages of a human being. What happen in the first months and years of life and that those were the most important things.”


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