First in Future: “the Poetry Fox” Chris Vitiello part 1

Summary: Traditionally when you think of poets, they sit in a quiet room and produce distilled wisdom on paper to an internal beat. Those poets have more visible cousins these days, folks who perform in public and that you hear on the street or at poetry slams. And if you live in North Carolina, you may see one of them dressed up in a giant fox costume, creating poetry on demand.
Chris Vitiello is “the Poetry Fox,” and he is our First in Future guest for the next two episodes. First we will hear about the role of poetry in our state today and looking forward into the future. Next episode we will let him share some of the remarkable poems he created at our most recent Emerging Issues Forum, ReCONNECT to Technological Opportunity, to do a little showcase about what it means to have a poet’s eye and ear listening in on a discussion of public policy.

Listen to the podcast: