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  • The Boston Basics
    • This free initiative was started by Harvard economics professor Ron Ferguson, who — with a group of his African American colleagues in Boston — got very tired of the persistence of racial achievement gaps in the city and in America. He worked from the neuroscience of early development to identify five principals of parent-child engagement that have the potential to tip the balance on improving developmental outcomes for young children.
    • There are five short videos, each with a parents’ tip sheet and other materials. The videos are available online for free and are in English, Spanish and Haitian now with other language translations pending. There is also a new Community Toolkit, freely available on the website.
  • By becoming a partner in this work, a community or state can license the materials and recreate them in the name of their own community. Here are some best practices:


Business Case
  • Social-Emotional Skills in Early Childhood Support Workforce Success, Council for a Stronger America Report
    • A report that examines how character skills formed in early childhood contribute to building a strong workforce
  • The Business Case For Child Care, WilmingtonBiz
    • Employees need high-quality child care; child care worries affect productivity and absenteeism, which are critical to a business’s bottom line.
  • Leading the Way: A Guide for Business Engagement in Early Education, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Toolkit
    • A toolkit that provides resources for the business community to advance access to high-quality, affordable childcare.
  • Why Business Should Support Early Childhood Education, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Institute for a Competitive Workforce Report
    • This report focuses on early learning as an investment in workforce development by supporting policies that proffer high-quality, evidence-based learning programs
  • Guide to Family Forward Workplaces. NC Early Childhood Foundation, 2019.
    • Evidence-based guidance on benefits that positively impact child health and provide a positive return on investment for employers; sample policies and case studies from NC employers; steps for how to get started implementing new policies or enhance existing ones
  • Why Reading Matters and What To Do About It – Business Roundtable (2016)
    • From the employer perspective, a report about the importance of reading proficiency by third grade, the negative impacts of low proficiency rates, and policy steps that can be taken.
  • Want to Grow North Carolina’s Economy? Fix the Child Care Crisis  – ReadyNation (2019)
    • From the employer perspective, this report details how the lack of affordable child care, especially for infants and toddlers, negatively impacts the economy and costs families, taxpayers, and businesses.


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