Protective Factors

“ACES are not our destiny.”

IEI’s Rural Faith team was so lucky to recently partner with Partners in Health & Wholeness and Prevent Child Abuse NC for a whole week focusing on faith leaders learning about the 5 Protective Factors for protecting and supporting children.

Connecting with families in our lives has completely turned upside down. Laughing, crying, and learning together has happened only rarely in spaces like fellowship halls, Sunday school classrooms, and school playgrounds. Faith leaders are checking on families in new and creative ways, but we’re hearing it’s been hard for faith leaders to figure out how to truly support children.

IEI’s KidsReadyNC Resources
PHW’s Becoming a Trauma-Informed Faith Community Toolkit
PCANC’s Free Course on Recognizing & Responding to Child Maltreatment


Do you work with families?
For parents, caregivers, providers, and faith leaders, our recorded sessions can help you navigate how to be there for kids in your life.

Introduction to the 5 Protective Factors Webinar Recording
We encourage you to view this before watching any of our Open Conversations!
Link to recording

Day 1: Parental Resilience- Mental Well-Being Open Conversation with Faith Leaders and Experts Webinar Recording
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Day 2: Social Emotional Competence of Children Recording
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Day 3: Knowledge of Parents and Child Development Recording
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Day 4: Concrete Supports Recording
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Day 5: Social Connections Recording
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Meet Our Webinar Speakers Here

Virtual Town-hall with Faith Leaders on Connection
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