Early Childhood Peer Network

IEI’s KidsReadyNC work has made us passionate about resourcing North Carolina communities around early childhood topics. Many rural faith communities deeply care about kids and want to help create better outcomes for families in their zip code.

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Notable Resources

IEI Tutoring Partnerships Guide: Creating a consistent and safe tutoring or mentoring relationship is one of the most productive and effective ways faith communities can partner with local schools. Here are 5 guiding principles for your potential partnership. Noteworthy: Determine Commitment

What Works For Third Grade Reading: How do we move the needle forward on third grade reading in North Carolina? Here is the “best practices” guide for your faith community/ pre-school/ school partnerships. Noteworthy: Social-Emotional Health Paper

Early Childhood In Rural North Carolina: Before you begin, know the baseline. This short report helps set up potential opportunities for faith leaders in rural areas. Noteworthy: Health and Development on Track Beginning at Birth

Applying an Equity Lens: There are barriers that prevent every child from receiving the same attention, resources, and opportunities. The Robert Wood Johnson report helps provide a framework for applying an “equity lens” Noteworthy: Equality is the outcome we all want, equity is the process to actually achieve that

Congregations for Children (C4C): The United Methodist Church in North Carolina helps UMC’s start effective partnerships with their local elementary schools to improve third-grade reading. They provide free training and assistance to connecting congregations to resources.

UMC Safe Sanctuaries: Policies and guidelines for United Methodist congregations that interact with children. Other faith communities can also use these guidelines! Noteworthy: Safe Sanctuaries Self-Evaluation

Evidence-Based Literacy Interventions in NC: What is actually working? Thanks to READ Charlotte for an important “101” guide to programs you should invest in. Noteworthy: “Two North Carolina-based interventions you should know about”

Five Strategies for Partnering with Families: Engaging families more with partnerships is one of the most consistent challenges we hear across North Carolina. How can we take a step back and examine our motives, methods, and connections? Noteworthy: “Reflect on your perspective”

EdNC Faith: Education NC is a non-partisan education news source that also follows the intersection of faith communities and education in North Carolina Noteworthy: “A school and church working together for suicide prevention”


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

Many faith communities are asking for ways to become trauma-informed, meaning their ministries take into account all the ways traumatic experiences (like poverty, racism, abuse, neglect) shows up in our everyday lives.

Trauma-informed: “why did you do that?” turns into “what happened to you?”

Faith communities, with compassion and training, can learn to become champions of resiliency in their communities.

ACEs Resources

IEI is compiling resources for rural faith communities to meaningfully and respectfully become trauma-informed. Check out this space as we add more North Carolina and national assets!