About Our Work

The Institute for Emerging Issues has worked with faith leaders throughout our history. The Duke Endowment partnered with us starting in 2015 for our “Rural Faith Communities as Anchor Institutions” (RFCAI) Initiative to solidify our official support of faith communities as leaders on emerging issues in rural North Carolina.

IEI supports rural faith communities through three main projects each year:

  • Rural faith leaders are invited to join us at our Emerging Issues Forums each year. Rural United Methodist leaders may attend for free due to the Duke Endowment. Other limited faith scholarships are available.
  • IEI hosts a two day RFCAI Conference each spring for faith leaders and partners to learn from each other about rural faith community development
  • Faith leaders can join Peer Networks around topics that are important through them

While IEI provides scholarships to rural Duke-Endowment eligible United Methodist Congregations, we gladly work with all faith communities in North Carolina who are committed to serve and learn from their neighbors.

Contact IEI’s Rural Faith Program Manager Kylie Foley at kdfoley@ncsu.edu to get started today.