Commons Digital Wall

Commons Digital Wall


At the heart of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library located on NC State University’s Centennial Campus is the Emerging Issues Commons, a dynamic interactive exhibit that spans the length of a large entrance and gathering space on the second floor. The Commons focuses on key public policy issues impacting North Carolina; it is a place where students, faculty, thought-leaders, and community can gather to learn, collaborate, and develop new ideas on public policy issues facing North Carolina. As visitors navigate the Emerging Issues Commons, they explore data-driven interactives, personal stories, and social media integration. 


Our “Connections Wall,” a 16-foot interactive video wall is utilized to display salient statistics and data, educating citizens at the county and state level. The Institute uses the wall to display information about projects and issues we are currently working on. We also welcome submissions of information from other organizations at NC State and from nonprofits and governmental organizations working on issues of statewide importance. 

Interested in displaying a content project? 

Please note we do not display advertising for groups or events.

All submissions are subject to the editorial review of the Institute for Emerging Issues and should take into consideration the below criteria.

Subject areas: 

The IEI Commons digital signage system will assist the Institute for Emerging Issues in communicating around the following interest areas: 

  • Education – Research and data that speaks to educational attainment and the challenges/processes/solutions within this sector. 
  • Innovation – technology, methods, and processes that create transformational outcomes for our state’s economy. 
  • Economy – research, data, stories regarding our state’s past, present, and future economic development strategies, challenges, and opportunities. 
  • Community – research and stories that showcase North Carolina’s unique communities, the issues they face, and the solutions being considered to overcome these challenges. 
  • Public Interest – research, data, and stories that address the welfare or well-being of the general public. This can include but is not limited to health, the environment, racial disparities, and other issues that directly impact the future of our state’s growth. 



The Institute for Emerging Issues is a nonpartisan public policy think tank that does not promote or endorse any political party platform. The information submitted and displayed within our commons should reflect unbiased and accurate research.


In an effort to ensure the integrity and consistency of our electronic communications, the following guidelines are provided for those wishing to display content. 

  • All messages must be informational in nature, related to the above interest areas in some way, appropriate for all ages, and may not contain language or visuals that could be considered harmful or offensive to the general public. 
  • Your data, research or story form information must be “turn-key” and fit within the parameters of the Commons digital display 15120px x 7680px . IEI will not alter any programmatic functionality to showcase the work. 
  • IEI is state-facing, community-informed. Data that can be displayed on a statewide level or showing results in multiple communities is preferable over national displays or county-only displays. 


We are currently soliciting quarterly virtual exhibits that adhere to the above use guidelines. Special consideration for off-cycle exhibits will be given on a case-by-case basis and will take into consideration timeliness, relevance, and current scheduling.  



Commons Wall Template Example

Use the following templates as a resource to start making content for our Commons digital wall.