Civic Conversations Toolkit


about Civic Conversations and ReCONNECT NC DAY on Aug 14!

Together, let’s ReCONNECT NC one conversation at a time!

#ListenFirst to #ReconnectNC

The toolkit below can be used to help promote ReCONNECT NC Day and Civic Conversations. For more information or questions, contact Pearce Godwin at


Social Media Channels to include:


Messaging Standards:


Social Media Messaging Examples:

Here are some sample social media posts and tweets that will help spread the word about Civic Conversations leading up to and on August 14. Feel free to copy and paste directly (make sure to include the necessary links and hashtags!) on your channels.

  • Will you join me on Aug 14 for #ReconnectNC Day? Host or join a conversation where you pledge to #ListenFirst. Here are some guides to get you started:
  • I’m having a conversation across differences on #ReconnectNC Day. Will you join me? Take the first step to bridging divides and #ListenFirst. Learn more and sign up for a conversation:
  • I’m celebrating #ReconnectNC Day on Aug 14 by having a conversation with others where I pledge to #ListenFirst. Will you join me?
  • Celebrating #ReconnectNC Day is easy. Get a few coworkers or friends together over lunch or coffee and have a conversation where you pledge to #ListenFirst! Use these guides to get started:

ON AUG 14 
  • Today’s the day! Share photos from your ReCONNECT NC Day conversations with the hashtags #ReconnectNC and #ListenFirst.
  • We did a lot of listening at our #ReconnectNC Day conversation! #ListenFirst [add group photo]
  • Today, I pledge to #ListenFirst. Through meaningful conversation, we can start to #ReconnectNC. Will you join me?


GRAPHICS (Click the image to download) 

Listen First Project

Listen First Project

Listen First Project


Listen First Project

Listen First Project

Listen First Project

North Carolina is leading the nation!

The ReCONNECT NC Civic Conversations initiative is part of the national #ListenFirst movement to mend the frayed fabric of America by bridging divides with conversation. The #ListenFirst movement, which has reached millions of people coast to coast and been featured on national television, was founded in our state. As part of ReCONNECT NC Civic Conversations, you can make North Carolina the model for the nation to follow! 

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