About IEI


Who We Are

Established in 2002, the Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) at NC State University is a non-partisan, public policy, think-and-do organization focused on the future of North Carolina. Working collaboratively with people from all sectors and areas of the state, IEI builds an enduring capacity for progress. IEI serves the people of North Carolina—inspiring citizens and leaders to anticipate future challenges.

How We Work

  • IEI helps North Carolinians build consensus, then move to action.
  • IEI’s Emerging Issues Forums attract leaders in business, education, public policy, and more to discuss issues with profound implications for North Carolina’s future prosperity. For more than 30 years, Emerging Issues Forums and related programs have helped catalyze the policy reforms, public investments, and other proactive responses required to build an enduring capacity for progress in North Carolina.
  • Our work on the ground with communities enables us to test out public policy solutions in real time to demonstrate what works. Through this work, we find solutions that meet local needs and have the potential to scale statewide. Through podcasts, public forums, programmatic work, and a large array of other mediums, IEI invites North Carolinians into an ongoing dialogue about the future of our state.

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: North Carolina connected for a vibrant and economically competitive tomorrow.

Mission: IEI identifies and builds consensus on policy issues across sectors, regions and perspectives, connecting North Carolina to ideas and North Carolinians to each other to better our state and our communities.


  • We build trust by listening to partners and valuing ideas from a diverse ideological and geographic spectrum.
  • We work with transparency and objectivity to find points of agreement on policy, programs, protocol and practice; ideas that have potential for broad support.
  • We encourage and support stakeholder ownership of issues to move them forward.
  • We value our relationship with NC State and draw on the assets of the universities and organizations across the state to carry out our mission of serving North Carolina.
  • We honor the unique roles that each of our staff has—together, we achieve our mission and live into our vision.


Our Work