Six Ways to Reconnect to Community

1. Take the #4CookieChallenge

  1. Make cookies (or healthy snack)
  2. Bring to someone you don’t know and take photo
  3. Post to social and challenge others #4CookieChallenge

3. Share Your County Snapshot

  • Invite a group to a meeting
  • Pull up your county “Snapshot” (click here)
  • What rings true? What’s missing? What could you do?
  • Attend our Snapshot Q&A on December 13, from 2:30–3:00pm

5. Learn about Service Years

Come learn more bout service years in NC, the service year landscape, and how to address issues in NC Communities.

Webinar: December 11th, 11:30–12:30

2. Donate

Donate Money

Donate Goods
  • Food — Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina
  • Furniture, linens, kitchen wares — Designing Station, Fayetteville; Green Chair, Raleigh; Furniture
    Finders, Wilmington

4. Volunteer

Check out these two great resources:


6. Facilitate

  1. LTRG — long term recovery groups need people with a variety of skills from counseling,
    project management, accounting, technology, real estate and construction. Visit
  2. Boards — nonprofits are always needing new board members.
    2. – look at bottom of page
      under state-wide and county links to volunteer opportunities.
  3. Match friends with skills with needs from local non-profits. (skilled-based volunteering)
  4. Connect the public with volunteer opportunities via social media.