Join Us on TwosDay for IEI’s Better 2Gether Recognition

At the Institute for Emerging Issues, we are blessed to collaborate with and learn from people who are making North Carolina a better place to work, learn and grow by bringing together coalitions to get things done. 

These folks are working day-to-day in communities to solve problems that hold us back and to build support for ideas that move us forward.

They are building and bridging connections in their communities—making North Carolina a more vibrant and prosperous state. 

This coming 2/22/22 (what we’re calling TwosDay) will be the last day with so much numerical consistency for nearly 90 years—until January 1, 2111. It’s as good a day as any to celebrate 22 people we believe are making NC Better 2Gether. Of course these aren’t the only 22 people across the state worthy of celebration, but they are 22 people our staff has connected with in the past few years and that we think are pretty amazing. 

We hope you will join virtually at 2:22 pm on 2-22-22 on Facebook Live and LinkedIn Live as we recognize the 22 remarkable people making North Carolina Better 2Gether. #TwosDay #NCBetter2Gether