It Takes a Village

As a parent of a new Junior in High School, things are not business as usual. I am currently working from home and he is learning from home. I have both eyes concentrated on my computer screen while my ears are tuned into the audio of his laptop all the while listening to his many lessons to ensure I too know when his assignments are due, when those tests are going to occur, and seeing if I can figure out if I can help with linear equations 20 plus years out of a high school math class. Will the SAT’s be live or virtual? Will college tours be live or virtual? Things are not business as usual. There are frustrations when thunderstorms happen because the internet is down and an explanation has to be sent in to the teacher. More frustrations when the assignment is done and uploaded to the correct place but for some reason…it just doesn’t take and even more frustrations when the teacher says, I have your son’s work but I can’t grade it because I have too many students and not enough time in the day. 


It is not business as usual, we are now in an environment where our everyday lives depend on our digital connectivity and without it, we risk missing the mark or in my son’s case, he may fail the grade. I have friends who have sent links to practice SAT exams. Sisters in love who have shared virtual grants and scholarships, and grandma takes over if I am on Zoom or busy and can’t pay attention to his schooling. It is imperative that we are all digitally literate, digitally connected, digitally inclusive in our homes, schools, churches, offices and any other place that our community may gather. It is no longer business as usual, it takes a village.