Supporting a Diverse, Inclusive and Respectful North Carolina

The Institute for Emerging Issues joins NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson in condemning the hate-filled and deadly actions led by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend.

As Chancellor Woodson points out, free speech is a core value of our country, but the views and violence of white nationalists and related groups go directly against NC State’s values of “diversity, inclusion and mutual respect.”

We at IEI recommit to work that will bring our state closer together, not farther apart, to work that lifts up positive, informed debate and to work that levels the playing field, allowing every citizen an equal opportunity to succeed and help us make this state, nation and world better.

We have plenty of challenges to solve in this state. We need every brain and heart at the table working on the solutions. Hate, bigotry and racism make that impossible.

In commitment to supporting a diverse, inclusive and respectful North Carolina,

Leslie Boney, Director, Institute for Emerging Issues