Juvencio Rocha-Peralta joins IEI National Advisory Board

RALEIGH, NC — The Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) announces the appointment of Juvencio Rocha-Peralta to its National Advisory Board. Rocha-Peralta has been a long-time advocate for increased appreciation, understanding, and prosperity of the Mexican and Latinx community in the state.

Rocha-Peralta is Executive Director of AMEXCAN, which promotes the active participation of Mexicans and Latinos in their new communities and encourages the appreciation, understanding, and prosperity of the Mexican and Latino community through cultural, educational, leadership, health, and advocacy. 

“Just as I am grateful for this opportunity to join the National Advisory Board, I am equally looking forward to sharing a table with the present expertise at the Institute for Emerging Issues,” said Rocha-Peralta. “The leadership, talent, and passion which marks those at IEI precedes a reputation which has crossed various sectors in pursuit of the progress and development of North Carolinians. As Executive Director of Association of Mexicans in North Carolina, Inc. (AMEXCAN) it is an honor and privilege to engage in this partnership in representing and bringing forward the issues and needs of Hispanics and Latinos in Eastern North Carolina and across the State.”

“The work Juvencio has done in Eastern NC and across the state has been critical to the success of Latinx immigrants and residents of the state, but also to showing the connection between Latinx success and the success of the communities they live in,” said Leslie Boney, Director of IEI. “As AMEXCAN takes on its expanded role, Juvencio’s perspective will help IEI more effectively address critical issues facing our state. We are grateful to have him serve.”

Rocha-Peralta joins a National Advisory Board committed to connecting people, knowledge and resources to ensure the economic prosperity of our state. See full list of 2019-2020 National Advisory Board Members

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Juvencio Rocha-Peralta
Juvencio Rocha-Peralta

Juvencio Rocha-Peralta is the executive director and founder of the Association of Mexicans in North Carolina, Inc. (AMEXCAN) a native of Veracruz, Mexico, has lived in North Carolina since 1980 and has been a community advocate and leader in communities local and abroad for the past 40 years.

Mr. Rocha-Peralta serves on numerous Task Forces and Boards addressing the needs of the community including as the Founder and President of The Eastern North Carolina Latin-American Coalition Inc., Member of the NC Complete Count Commission, Board Member of the North Carolina Latin American Chamber of Commerce, Board Member of Disability Rights North Carolina, Counselor Advisor of the Mexican Institute Abroad, Board Member of East Coast Migrant Head Start Project, Board Member of the North Carolina Rural Center, Member of the Rural North Carolina Latino HIV/AIDS Task Force Initiative, and more.

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About the Association of Mexicans in North Carolina, Inc. (AMEXCAN)
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