Digital Charlotte Hosts Discussions on Media and Digital Health Literacy During COVID-19

In addition to capturing digital inclusion resources for the Charlotte area, Digital Charlotte has recorded several live-stream discussions on the topics of at-home technology, media literacy, and digital health literacy as a result of the pandemic.

Bruce Clark, Executive Director of Digital Charlotte at the Queens Knight School of Communication, and his team host these discussions with guests including Pat Millen of Eliminate the Digital Divide (E2D), Rick Thames, former editor of the Charlotte Observer, and Queens University professor Dr. Zachary White. Each interview focuses on how people are adapting to their new normal in a time of social distancing when it comes to carrying on with work and learning, navigating media, and good health. 

In a recent episode on digital health literacy, Dr. White defined digital health literacy as: 1) having the capacity to seek relevant and useful information, 2) knowing where to go to find the information, 3) the ability to understand the information presented and determine if it is reliable, and 4) doing something with the information. He went on to say “An individual, an organization, or a community’s digital literacy may make the difference between life and death…It is no longer a privilege.”