IEI First in Future: Terra Schramm, NC Capitol Building site administrator

First in Future: Where Emerging Ideas Take Flight is a weekly program from the Institute for Emerging Issues (IEI) at NC State University that connects you with people thinking big thoughts about the future of North Carolina. Each week, we talk with business leaders, elected officials, researchers and people working bottom up and top down to make North Carolina great. We hope you’ll use their thinking to jumpstart your thinking about our state—where it is and where we might go together.

As Halloween fast approaches, did you know SCARY stories abound about Raleigh’s Capitol Building? BAHAHA! Tis TRUE! You see . . . the decades of energy and history swirling through the government building have left a ghost story or two. This week’s First in Future guest, Terra Schramm, is the site administrator of the building, and knows the terrifying tales better than anyone. So sit back, and relax (if you can!) as she spins a civic macabre yarn or two.

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